University Educators For Sustainable Development

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The University Educators for Sustainable Development project had one core idea – to create and empower a network of expertise and collaboration in Education for Sustainable Development across Europe. Over 3 years, it has achieved these aims through a range of activities and exchanges focused on the professional development of educators across a wide range of national and institutional settings.

Key outcomes from the UE4SD project include:

The UE4SD project has also changed thinking and practice in this area, opening new dialogues and creating a shared point of focus for dialogue and reflection on ESD. It has achieved:

These new steps have been taken at an exciting point in time for ESD. The UN Decade in Education for Sustainable Development concluded in 2015 during the project lifespan and has now been replaced by a new wave of international activity. The UNESCO Global Action Programme has been established, creating momentum and new priorities for achieving change in the education and skills arena. Within Europe there is fresh energy, especially through UNECE, to continue to progressively integrate ESD into education systems and to create guidance and tools for this.

Student interest has gathered pace, as reflected in national surveys and the growth of international student networks and forums for sustainability. Professional practice linked to sustainability continues to feature in dialogues about workforce development, higher level skills, graduate jobs markets and professional responsibilities in various sectors and occupations.

The next steps for the UE4SD project network are:

For all partners of the UE4SD project, the experience has encouraged us to recognise and reflect on our own approaches to pedagogical practice and our understanding of how professional development happens. The project has offered many opportunities to think through how we might work for change in our education systems and engage our colleagues, students and professional partners with ESD.