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Welcome to the Online Platform of the University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD) project. The focus of UE4SD is professional development of university educators in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This web resource was created by the UE4SD Steering Group and developed with input from across the UE4SD partnership. The examples in the Practices section were prepared by project partners across Europe to share the UE4SD experiences, tools and best practices.

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UE4SD is a European Commission project in Higher Education (HE), funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus Networks. UE4SD was led by four core partner universities:

University of Gloucestershire, UK (Project Lead)

Charles University of Prague, Prague,
Czech Republic

Universidad Autónoma
de Madrid, Spain

Leuphana University
of L√ľneburg, Germany

Who is this resource for?

This online toolkit contains a range of practical materials of use for anyone who teaches, supports learning, or works in staff development, particularly in the HE sector. It is suitable for beginners as well as specialists, in any subject. Its focus is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), an approach to rethinking education and transforming learning, to support societies in tackling sustainable development concerns.

Why is it needed?

ESD is growing fast but is not yet common practice in HE or in the Professional Development of university educators. This resource has examples, reflections, ideas and tools, to bring ESD into education practice and professional development for educators. The material was collected from across Europe and offers the latest thinking and practice from across 33 countries involved in the UE4SD project.

What does it contain?

This platform contains a selection of practical examples of professional development initiatives to support teaching staff in universities in ESD. These examples were collected from across Europe and offer the latest thinking and practice in how to develop university teachers and extend their capabilities in ESD. It includes: